ConsciousBuild, Inc. is a company dedicated to bringing environmentally and economically sustainable design and construction services to private and public clients around the world. We stand firm in our commitment to the end user; humanity and nature.

Why We Do It

ConsciousBuild provides architectural, construction management, and development services to clients seeking buildings that have a positive and ethical impact on society and their environment.

ConsciousBuild also provides sustainable solutions for organizations that cannot afford costly design-build services. ConsciousBuild is committed to making a global difference by elevating the level of collaboration among communities, educational institutions, professionals and consumers.

The ConsciousBuild Culture – Making a Difference by:

  • Promoting sustainable construction methods.
  • Assisting non-profit service organizations fulfill on their commitment to provide affordable, stable housing.
  • Pursuing joint research on key social and industry issues.
  • Transforming building delivery methods through strong owner/builder collaboration.
  • Creating green jobs & new skills training for local workers & subcontractors.
  • Developing educational opportunities through university partnerships.


Leading through Education

ConsciousBuild believes in the importance of experiential education, and therefore offers co-op and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the year. We know that our investment in the future through education helps to guarantee a brighter future for our world.