What We Do

We offer our clients an opportunity to be a part of a visionary team that brings projects to a successful and stress-free conclusion.  Our goal is to play the role you want us to play in a collaborative effort to realize your dreams in an efficient and respectful way. We recognize collaboration as an ultimate form of sustainability; work can be done in a more efficient and effective manner through open communication and community involvement. This model serves as a foundation across all branches of our enterprise. It allows us to work together in a learning environment to improve the lives of those in the communities we serve.

Architecture | Construction | Development


Architecture | Interiors | LEED Design | Consulting

We understand the unique requirements associated with designing spaces of any size. ConsciousBuild’s team of trained designers will provide architectural design services in order to make the design process as enjoyable as possible.  To us, architectural design not only means creating beautiful and functional buildings, it also means understanding each project’s specific regulations and requirements in order for the project to get built. Our sustainable design consultants will provide your project team with experience in considering not only the environmental sustainability of a project, but also the economic and social responsibility that a project inherently has to the community for which it is being designed.


Construction Management | Consulting

ConsciousBuild’s team’s experience and knowledge of the construction industry can provide our clients with the management needed to complete any project. Our team’s belief in integrated project delivery and trust based collaboration will provide our clients with a dynamic team of professionals that can provide insight in all phases of the building process.


ConsciousBuild has created a network of development partners and consultants, which support our own team of experienced development professionals. Our team will walk our clients through the procedures and regulations involved in any development project. Whether the project is to develop commercial property, affordable housing, or large multi-use campuses, call on ConsciousBuild to help make the development project a success.