Who We Are

Matthew Linden, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matthew has been a designer and builder of beautiful homes both on the east and west coasts, as well as in Hawaii, for the past 20 years. He holds a General Contracting License, and often times is found on the job site managing the final design of a project. He has focused on incorporating relevant design solutions for the way his clients live their daily lives. Matthew attributes the success of his design-build projects, that include several repeat clients, to his exceptional communications skills allowing him to work closely with them to establish clear expectations, and provide the seamless and exciting life experience that building one’s own custom home can be.

Having incorporating sustainable building materials and techniques into his projects for years, Matthew is aware of both the lack of education about these products and the increasing need to design them into buildings for their long-term health and performance. Designing and building in an eco-conscious manner should no longer be considered for extra-credit, but a matter of course today.

Matthew also has a passion for affordable, supportive, and emergency housing relief that is so desperately needed. He has used the expertise and communication skills he developed in the custom home industry to collaborate on good design for the people who need it the most – but who most often do not get it.

Gregory Linden, Chief Financial Officer, Chairman of the Board

Greg has over 30 years experience successfully working in and managing diverse companies from sole proprietary to large international businesses. Greg’s experience has also been gained in diverse public organizations – including as an executive in a non-profit research institute, years as a senior audit manager in the US Government, Chief Enterprise Architect at the U.S. Department of State and Chief Information Officer in a United Nations affiliated organization in Europe. More recently, Greg spent 5 years as a Principle Technology Consultant for the MITRE Corporation. The primary emphasis of Greg’s career has been to initiate innovative programs that exploit technological advances in data management and communications to support enhanced service provision and product development.

Though he has extensive technical experience, Greg is not the typical “techy” or financial officer. Instead, he is a collaboration fanatic – frequently bringing together international subject matter experts to solve pressing operational and governance issues. Greg earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (Northwestern University, 1978) in Communications and a Master of Science Degree (University of Maryland 1997) in Computer Systems Management. Greg is a Certified Government Financial Manager, a trained and certified Federal Contracting Officer Technical Representative. He has authored many articles and reports on effective technology management and large-scale enterprise architecture, among other topics.