Biking To Work

How do you feel when you walk into work every morning? If you answered sluggish and grouchy, consider commuting to work via bicycle. I personally have been doing this about 3 to 5 days per week and it has made a significant impact on my day. My typical round trip commute to work is about four miles with many steep hills. By the time I arrive to work my blood is pumping and my sweat glands are crying.

The journey is so much more meaningful than being boxed inside a metal caged automobile. The slower pace and openness allows me to appreciate the city and its architecture while enjoying the cool morning breeze. I get to wave hello to gardeners, runners (& their dogs), and other fellow bicyclists. You can never end a bike ride with a frown on your face, unless you had fallen or gotten a flat tire.

Lastly, I want to share with you the huge financial benefits of biking to work. Since I made the switch I have only been using my car on the weekends. I found a great online tool that calculates how much money you can save by biking. Here are my numbers – they may be similar to yours!

Monthly Savings: $106.20

Annual Savings: $1274.40

Annual Greenhouse Gases NOT emitted: 295 lbs

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